The Neil Prendeville Show


    Great fun on air today with pirate radio legends Neil, Romano, Trevor & Noel Welch and John Creedon. Well done to Trevor and Noel on the launch of their new book, 'Jolly Roger - Pirate Radio Days in Cork. Available where all good books are sold! Great memories!

Teddy & Martina

  • Teddy & Martina - Election Day


    Introducing Teddy & Martina! From the people who brought you Sketch! In this first episode Martina calls over to Teddy and they have a chat about the recent election campaign.

  • Teddy & Martina - First Day on the Job


    It's Martina's first day working for Teddy as his home help! Listen here to hear how she gets on.

  • Teddy & Martina - Lent


    In this episode Martina and Teddy discuss Lent. Have ya ever wondered, what length is Lent?

  • Teddy & Martina - St Patrick's Day


    Martina calls to Teddy on St. Patrick's Day. Teddy is especially excited as it means he can break his Lenten promise. Listen here to find out what Teddy and Martina decide to do for St. Patrick's Day!

  • Teddy & Martina - Easter Egg Hunt


    In today's episode, an Easter Egg Hunt has gone all wrong for poor Teddy. Not a trace of chocolate in sight! He's not too happy with Martina. Listen to how it all went wrong here.

  • Teddy & Martina - The Bible Role-Play


    In today's episode, Teddy & Martina try their hand at a bit of role-play to celebrate Easter! We're not sure if Teddy knows his bible stories all too well! Listen to their attempt here.

  • Teddy & Martina - Easter Egg Hunt (contd.)


    In this episode Martina is craving some chocolate for Easter. In the meantime Teddy is wondering what ever happened to the Easter Egg Hunt that Martina promised she'd organise for him. We find out why Teddy never got to hunt for his Easter Eggs but Martina might have a compromise...maybe!

  • Teddy & Martina - The Last Supper


    In this episode Martina calls over to Teddy to role play for the Last Supper. Teddy plays Jesus and Martina plays Judas until there's a mix up. Teddy hasn't quite got the right script... Teddy & Martina also discuss what they would do for their own Last Supper!

  • Teddy & Martina - Mr Martina


    In this episode Martina tells Teddy that she's run down but Teddy is quick to shower her with compliments.Teddy asks Martina if there's a Mr. Martina as he seems to be taking a shining to her. Listen here and find out what happened to Mr. Martina.

  • Teddy & Martina - Teddy's Favourite TV Show


    In today's episode, Teddy has found a new programme he loves! We're not quite sure though if he remembers the name correctly.... Was it chums? Or maybe it was pals? 

  • Teddy & Martina - April Fools


    In this episode, Teddy gets into the April Fools spirit. But he's no match for Martina!

  • Teddy & Martina - Fishy Fishy takes a Walk


    In today's episode, Teddy decides to grab his walker and pop out for a walk around the patio, he could have chosen better company though. Oh Teddy go sit down and have a pink wafer...

  • Teddy & Martina - Home Alone


    In today's episode, Teddy heads into town to see his favourite movie, but is shocked at what he sees in the city! They're back Martina! Oh Teddy you've gone and done it again...

  • Teddy & Martina - April Dopes Day


    In today's epsiode, Teddy tells Martina about the great pranks on The Neil Prendeville show on April Fools Day! Martina is not as impressed, but reckons she's a dab hand at a quiz herself so Teddy takes the hot seat to see how good Martina really is!

  • Teddy & Martina - Eurovision Dreaming!


    In today's episode, Teddy fances his chances at the Eurovision Song Contest! He'd even consider being a backing dancer for Nicky Byrne!

  • Teddy & Martina - Gay is Grand!


    In today's episode, Martina's a bit worried after receiving some news about Maurice Jr. Teddy reassures her its all grand, but she has a very different worry altogether!

  • Teddy & Martina - In Memory of Maurice


    Today is a very difficult day for Martina, as she remembers her late husband Maurice Sr. She talks Teddy through what she does every year, involving borrowing a leg from a mannequin!