Third elephant at Dublin Zoo c...


Third elephant at Dublin Zoo contracts a deadly virus that has already killed two elephants

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

02:56 10 Jul 2024

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A third elephant at Dublin Zoo has contracted a deadly virus that has already killed two elephants.

17 year old Asha has tested positive for the EEHV disease.

Her daughter Zinda died from it earlier this week while Avani died from it last week.

The three other elephants at the zoo are not showing signs of the virus which doesn’t pose a risk to any other animals or people.

The 17 year old is said to be doing well so far

Zoo Director Christoph Schwitzer says the surviving elephants are grieving.

"We left the dead animal in there for a little while, so that the animals can actually say goodbye, and I think that's very important. The elephants then go over and touch her with their trunks and all of that. And  it's very similar, I'd say, you know,  to human society, you know, elephants, grieve as much as we do"

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