Cork Chamber says changes need...


Cork Chamber says changes need to be made in order to stimulate the housing market in Cork city

RedFM News
RedFM News

03:09 14 Jul 2021

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It's in in order to provide a viability option for developers to allow for the construction of apartments.

No new private apartment schemes of scale have been completed in the city since 2008 and Cork Chamber says as long as viability and affordability of apartments remains unresolved by Government, the delivery of new urban communities will remain a pipe dream.

Chamber says the delivery of urban homes is critical to investor confidence, talent attraction and city vibrancy

Speaking to RedFM News Conor Healy of Chamber says a new KPMG report has identified tax and funding-based interventions that need to be put in place to stimulate the development of apartments in the city.

"Overall there's a rounded package, needed to be addressed by government to, really, for once and for all push clear measures in place to show that the government is serious about delivery of the national planning framework and Darlington 240 And that from a Cork point of view, that we're serious about delivering quality accommodation in our city centre, and particularly in the docklands area, an area of which, the future of Park is now being built upon."


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