Ministers to finalise draft wo...


Ministers to finalise draft working from home laws

RedFM Sport
RedFM Sport

07:11 25 Jan 2022

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Cabinet ministers will finalise new draft laws which give emploees the legal right to request to work from home today.

It will set out the rights of staff to ask their bosses to be allowed to work remotely.

However there is some concern around the grounds on which employers can turn down a request.

Dr Laura Bambrick from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, says the new laws will make the process transparent.

"It will give us details like how long you have to be with your employer before you're eligible to make a request, and how long your employer has to respond to that request.

"If they're going to turn down your request, they have to set down in writing the reasons.

"If you're not happy you'll be able to challenge that, either through the internal process or you'll be able to take a case through the WRC."

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