Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

04:08 4 Dec 2020

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Jerome Arrigan has one of the most unique voices you’ll ever hear: a guttural yet tender lilt that ensares the attention of everyone in the room. Just as well, as his message is an important one.

His song ‘Pride’ deals with the feelings – specifically the good – that go with pride and how one can help deal with anxiety and depression. His soft spoken, free-spirited nature beckons an admiration for his wisdom at such a young age. Speaking with Jerome, he displays an acute ability to self-critique and understand himself and those around him:  “There’s a certain amount of arrogance innate to that sort of self-belief, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing all the time.”

After his performance with Troubadour Distillery Cork, a lot of the following conversation involved thoughts such as these, and we look forward to hearing more from him exploring similar themes in his songs.

-James Christopher

Find more local Cork musicians on the Troubadour Distillery website here.

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