Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

03:40 11 Dec 2020

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Already an accomplished songwriter, contributing multiple originals as lead singer and guitarist of The Ultraviolets.

Fionn Brickley further expands his weaponry when composing his first song on piano, ‘Now You’re On My Mind’.

The refrain, ‘it’s all about right now’ keeps the listener grounded. And rejects the need for specific details, ‘date or time what’s it matter anyway.’

As the lyrics manage to both progress and simultaneously keep the listener spinning in circles.

Fionn does not frantically change direction, instead building momentum under the guise of perhaps the most powerful weapon in his arsenal, a soaring vocal.

All the while using a repetitive chord progression to keep the song steady.

An escape from his signature hard-hitting guitar playing; ‘Now You’re On My Mind’ had the crew longing for more piano compositions from The Ultraviolets singer.

-Stephen Cool

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