Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

04:23 18 Dec 2020

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Cathal O’Sullivan strolls through the door in boot cut jeans and a large black pea coat, while sporting an admirable post-quarantine beard.

He speaks few words initially, bar the usual formalities.

More of a gruff, strong-but-silent type, the crew are somewhat surprised to see Cathal shed his jacket to reveal a tongue in cheek, ‘Fleetwood Cat’ tee.

Wasting no time, Cathal quietly tunes up, and plays his first song, ‘Starlight Satellite’.

Using imagery of outer space to look inward at himself and the human condition. Cathal explores feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, using the expansiveness of outer space to contrast how small we can sometimes feel.

His love of science and Lovecraftian literature lends very well to his lyrics, enabling him to draw comparisons and utilise metaphor in a very unique and engaging way. And in the process, leaves the crew in silent awe.

-James Christopher

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