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Leading Psychologist Warning Parents Of Dangers Of Mobile Devises On Mental And Physical Health Of Children And Teenagers

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09:37 6 Nov 2023

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A leading Psychologist is warning parents of the dangers of mobile devises on the mental and physical health of young children and teenagers.

It comes as calls mount for a voluntary code restricting smartphone use for children under 13 which should be adopted by all primary schools and agreed to by parents.

Education Minister Norma Foley is expected to bring a memo to Cabinet on tomorrow, saying she would like a collective decision by parents not to buy phones for their young children.

Chartered Phycologist Catherine Hallissey says using mobiles can have multiple effects on children:

"We know that it can lead to sleep deprivation, and we know that sleep is also one of the biggest protective factors for everybody's mental health, including children. We also know that it's associated with reduced physical activity, and research shows that physical activity is incredibly protective for both psychological and physical well being".

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