Government insists relations w...


Government insists relations with the UK are strong despite immigration tensions

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

11:21 30 Apr 2024

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The Government insists relations with the UK are strong, despite tensions over immigration.

Legislation is being brought to Cabinet this morning to return asylum seekers who cross the border from the North, back to the UK.

That's despite the British Prime Minister saying those refugees will not be accepted.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee says it’s not a ‘panacea’, but the gap needs to be closed:

"We cannot have a loophole or a system where we cannot effectively return people. Despite comments that have been made, this arrangement is already in place. We have been working with UK and I look forward to continuing working with UK to making sure that we prevent any type of abuses of the Common Travel Area and that we work together in that effect. And irrespective of comments that have been made, it has not been made clear to me that we won't continue to work with each other."

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