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One in three privately rented properties around UCC are not registered with the Residential Tenancies Board

RedFM News
RedFM News

10:16 9 Mar 2023

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Residents says the most recent sample check taken in the area in January shows that of 270 privately rented properties, 99 do not appear to be registered with the RTB.

Of these 99 unregistered properties, 67 were first highlighted to the RTB six years ago .

Catherine Clancy of the Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Residents Association, says 2014 legislation requires all privately rented properties to be registered with the RTB.

Speaking to RedFM News Catherine says the lack of registration has serious consequences for tenants security of tenure, neighbours and the local community

"The reason it concerns us as residents and for students and tenants that are in our area also, is that if you have an issue with the property your first port of call will be with the RTB,  if you can't make contact with the landlord obviously,  but if the property isn't registered with the RTB what you have is a closed door to any redress until that property is registered with the RTB and in our experience some properties we have been reporting to the RTB since 2017"

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