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Cork Pride Encouraging Local Businesses To Colour-Splash Their Premises This Week

RedFM News
RedFM News

11:25 23 Jul 2022

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Cork Pride are encouraging local businesses to colour-splash their premises this week.

Two rainbow crossings were opened on Patrick's Street yesterday and the city is expected to be full of rainbows for the upcoming festivities.

Events kick off today and are taking place throughout the week with a full list of details available on

Nadine Coyle and Brooke Scullion are among the acts performing at Kennedy Quay on the final day of the festival on the 31st of July.

Speaking to RedFM News, host of Cork Pride, Paul Ryder says the colour splash will be all across Cork:

"Cork really go hard or go home when it comes to Pride. And this year, after we've been locked down, and in weird situations for the last two years, if it's anything like the other Pride Parades that I've been a part of this year, I know Cork is going to be above and beyond. And I'll be first down at Saint Patrick Street on the parade there to make sure that I get my picture with the colour flash of rainbow. But I hope to see, you know, shops and local businesses really, really take it in because this is going to be amazing for Cork City to really just see the rainbow and beyond take over the city over the course of this week".

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