Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

04:05 4 Dec 2020

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In a shed full of strangers, Eoin O’Neill softly prompts the question, ‘when did we become like this?’

Performing in front of strangers isn’t anything new for the Dukkha front man. But it can be unsettling for anyone to unleash such a judgemental and unsettling message.

Fortunately, Eoin is the type of artist that makes you hang on every word.

Slowly outlining all of the convoluted ways we choose to use our phones; by the time Eoin’s vocal soars you’re ready to charge the streets in protest.

‘I could never be racist because I hate you all equally. A disgusting excuse for what used to be humanity. Devoid of emotion, empathy, morality. Take all that you know, from a Netflix show.’

Eoin’s message is not only important but unfortunately, one we constantly need to remind ourselves of.

-Stephen Cool

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