Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

03:27 27 Nov 2020

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Knowing Colm O’Brien as one half Ora Fantoma; it was pretty evident he is a man of many musical tastes.

My only time seeing the drum and bass duo live, was at a Battle of the Bands competition  in Cyprus Avenue.

Including heavy riff originals and hip-hop covers: Ora Fantoma staged a memorable performance that rightly went on to win the competition.

Nevertheless, I was surprised to see Colm perform two Celtic folk tunes in the Troubadour studios. And they were also really good?

Evidently, Colm is the type of musician that can seamlessly seep into multiple styles.

His song ‘I Will Return By Tomorrow’ is so drastically different to what I was expecting to hear. Melancholy with an uplifting shed of hope for the future, and all under the guidance of a jaunty celtic chord pattern.

The only way to keep up with Colm’s ever evolving sound is to head over to his Facebook page where you can find a sound for all ears.

-Stephen Cool

Check out more Cork music artist on the Troubadour Distillery website here.

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