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Young man accused of murdering a local fisherman in his home in Co Waterford has taken the stand to give evidence as part of his defence

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02:07 11 Feb 2022

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Dean Kerrie, with an address in Portarlington, Co Laois, denies murdering Jack Power at Shanakiel, Dunmore East, Co Waterford in July 2018.

Dean Kerrie was 17yo when he’s alleged to have murdered Jack Power.

From the stand today, he said he woke up on the night in question to the sound of glass breaking, and saw Jack standing outside his house.

Just seconds later, he claims the local fisherman kicked in their front door and started choking him.

He said he passed out momentarily and when he came to, he claims he saw Jack assaulting his mother.

He told the jury he picked up a kitchen knife and was telling him to get out.

As Jack tried to kick it out of his hand, he claims he lost his footing and “came on top of him,” which resulted in him being accidentally stabbed.

Under cross-examination, he was accused of telling a pack of lies and asked why he didn’t mention that it was an accident when he was arrested.

In reply, he insisted he was telling the truth and claimed he was panicking and not thinking straight when he spoke to gardaí.

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