EPA says all planned policies...


EPA says all planned policies must be carried out to meet reduction targets

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06:53 1 Jun 2022

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The Environmental Protection Agency says all planned actions need to happen for Ireland to meet its emission reduction targets within the next ten years.

Projections by the environmental watchdog show Ireland can only meet EU targets to cut greenhouse gases by 28% by 2030 if all planned policies are carried out.

The EPA says challenges face the agriculture sector as methane emissions will need to drop by up to 30% to meet minimum goals set out in the Climate Action Plan.

Programme Manager for the EPA's Climate Change Programme, Mary Frances Rochford, says predictions around Ireland's emissions show continued work is needed.

"What they're showing is that if we fully implement the climate plans and policies that have been planned and committed to these would reduce emissions by 28% or an average of 4% per year.

"We're highlighting that all sectors need to do more. This is a particular challenge in the agricultural sector for methane emissions which will need to reduce by up to 30% for the sector to meet the lower end of Climate Action Plan target."

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