"C grade" for government on climate performance

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08:46 31 Aug 2022

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The government's been given a 'C' grade for its performance on climate and the environment.

That's down from a 'C+' mark last year, according to analysis by academics of the promises the coalition made since coming into power two years ago.

The research, commissioned by Friends of the Earth, looked at how Ministers performed across nine categories, and found declines in climate, water and energy progress, but improvements on nature, biodiversity and transport.

One of the report authors, Dr Cara Augustenborg, Environmental Policy Assistant Professor at University College Dublin, says the government can do better.

"I think as this work programme progresses we are going to expect to see more progress over time.

"They've now had two years, this programme for government was designed with a 3-5 year timescale in mind, so next year for sure they're at risk of failing in some of those categories if they don't actually start to show us real, on the ground improvements."

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