Electric Picnic returns after...


Electric Picnic returns after two year hiatus

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RedFM News

10:34 2 Sep 2022

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There are lots of changes at this year’s Electric Picnic, as the festival returns for the first time since 2019.

70,000 people are expected the attend the three day festival in Stradbally in Laois.

The site opened yesterday for 20,000 early entry ticket holders, while the music and entertainment kicks off today.

The main arena is bigger, the main stage has moved slightly, and several other areas like Mind and Body are in new locations on the site.

Festival director Melvin Benn says the changes have been planned for a long time:

"We wanted to implement bigger capacity immediately after the 2019 festival and we've made some changes to accommodate that. We've increased the early entry arrivals, so instead of 10,000 people, we've got 20,000 people arriving on Thursday. That means that the traffic plan on Friday should work exactly as it has done in the past which is great. We've made the main stage arena bigger and the main stage itself a little bit bigger."

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