Irish MEP Says Europe May Mana...


Irish MEP Says Europe May Manage Energy Supply This Winter But Next Winter Needs Planning

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RedFM News

09:42 4 Sep 2022

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Irish MEP Sean Kelly says Europe may manage with energy supply this winter but next winter has to be planned for aswell.

Russia has completely shut off the Nord Stream 1 pipeline used to deliver gas into Europe.

He says some European countries have reserves of up to 80 per cent in energy supply.

Ireland South MEP Kelly says the Russia's move to cut off gas also has implications for Ireland:

"I think it's more concerning for Ireland than they are admitting, because we are almost totally dependent on one line coming from the United Kingdom. They're outside the European Union. And most of that gas is coming from Norway and the North Sea. A lot of other countries are now going to be looking for that gas, and there's no guarantee that we're going to get it. I think we really have to look at our whole approach and our whole policy in relation to security of supply for Ireland".

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