Speculation about Kate Midleto...


Speculation about Kate Midleton showing no sign of slowing down

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

12:16 19 Mar 2024

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Speculation about Kate Middleton shows no sign of slowing down, despite new video footage of her out in public.

The Sun has published a clip of the Princess of Wales visiting a farm shop in Windsor with her husband, William.

She hasn't carried out public duties since Christmas following abdominal surgery.

Former BBC Royal Correspondent, Jennie Bond says the conspiracies continue and need to be addressed:

"The Palace should have done what they did with Charles which is perhaps have a photo taken of her looking at get well cards or something like that just a smidgen to show that, she is she is up and about she is real. Shpw that she hasn't gone and had a Brazilian bum lift or had a terrible haircut or is hiding a facelift, hiding from the world"

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