Organisers of Electric Picnic...


Organisers of Electric Picnic calling for reversal of decision not to allow the event to go ahead

RedFM News
RedFM News

06:39 24 Aug 2021

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It's after the Chief Medical Officer said there wouldn't be any major public health concerns for an outdoor event for vaccinated people only, such as Electric Picnic.

Dr Tony Holohan added that he was hopeful of Covid restrictions being eased 'well before' Christmas, but added that current disease control does need to be better.

Dr Holohan says he would rather vaccinated people only attend large events:

"We now have vaccinated people with the disease, who are symptomatic and are capable of transmitting this disease to other people but the risks of vaccinated person transmitting disease and it being picked up by another vaccination person,  although they exist they're very, very small, so we wouldn't have a major concern to express in public health terms of that."

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