NPHET's recommended an end to...


NPHET's recommended an end to mandatory facemask wearing in all settings, except some healthcare settings

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03:54 17 Feb 2022

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The move would take effect from February 28th.

Health officials have recommenced those who feel they need to wear facemasks be supported.

Testing and tracing will also be scaled back, with the details of such a move to be finalised.

Beaumont Hospital consultant, Bill Tormey, disagrees with NPHET's decision on mask-wearing:

"At the moment, if you just look at the evidence, the evidence is that there's about 8000, eight and a bit thousand people every day being tested positive in this state. I wouldn't mind if we had less than 1000 cases in the whole state a day, but that's not the case. It just rolls on and rolls on and rolls on. It's like a tsunami going through the population and it's just, this decision is just not good enough."

Dr Tony Holohan has indicated today may have marked the last meeting of NPHET.

The group didn't set a date for a next meeting and the Chief Medical Officer indicated there would be a new way of monitoring the spread of Covid-19 from here on in.

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