Traders in Douglas concerned w...


Traders in Douglas concerned with parts of BusConnects plan

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

11:25 28 Mar 2024

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Traders in Douglas say they could soon be left with no other option than to take legal action against part of the BusConnects plan.

The proposed Sustainable Transport Corridor would change the Fingerpost Roundabout to a signalised junction, remove car parking spaces and change the flow of traffic in Douglas Village.

The National Transport Authority says its aware of the ongoing concerns regarding the BusConnects Cork proposals.

Speaking to RedFM News, Owner of Barry's of Douglas, Peter Collins says removing parking spaces and changing the flow of traffic would have a detrimential impact on trade in Douglas Village:

"We feel we're being stonewalled, we feel our questions are not being answered. We're being pushed along, unfortunately, should this continue we would have no option but to mount a legal challenge to the corridor."




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