Living wage will not be feasib...


Living wage will not be feasible for publicans

Maire Nolan
Maire Nolan

01:36 13 May 2024

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The Vintners Federation of Ireland says the new living wage will not feasible for the industry.

The scheme could see Cork publicans paying staff up to €35 an hour from 2026.

The organisation is urging the Government to re-evaluate the living wage in consideration of its impact on small businesses.

Speaking to RedFM news, Michael O'Donovan from VFI says with rising costs, the wage is unsustainable for publicans

"At any bank holiday in two years time, we will be paying nearly 32 euros an hour for a staff member which is just unfeasible, and when you add in PRSI that is nearly equal to 35 euros an hour. the cost base is going up, and paying for wages in our industry with a low margin profit ratio that's unsustainable really to be doing that".

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