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Volunteers making the most difference in Irish society says Bobby Lynch

RedFM News
RedFM News

08:43 2 Nov 2022

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Volunteers are the people making the most difference in Irish society.

That's according to Bobby Lynch who was one of the speakers at a cost of living campaign press conference yesterday ahead of a protest later this month.

The group are calling on the government to introduce caps on energy prices, to freeze rents and to control the price of food.

The protest in the city centre on the 12th of this month is the third event since June.

Speaking to RedFM News, Bobby Lynch used the example of his sister Caitriona Twomey from Cork Penny Dinners to highlight the difference volunteers make in Ireland.

"I know she's my sister and everyone praises her, but that woman shouldn't be doing what she's doing, and Micheal Martin and the rest of them say "oh she's this, she's that", but they're not giving her help.

"There;s no one givcing her help, only her volunteers. Only for volunteers there would be nothing done in this country, not a thing.

"What she said to Micheal Martin when she got her doctorate in UCC, she said 'Micheal if you ever get in to power you'd be better off having a volunteer government, and get things done'.

"Everyone cheered."


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