Lecturers at MTU protesting ov...


Lecturers at MTU protesting over pay disparities

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

01:49 20 Feb 2024

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A protest has been mounted by lecturers at Munster Technological University’s Bishopstown campus over pay disparities.

The Teachers Union of Ireland says a lecturer in Cork might not be paid equally to someone doing the same job in Dublin.

There are 615 TUI members employed at MTU and 92 percent of members across the country are in favour of taking industrial action if they don’t receive the same pay.

Speaking to RedFM News, Mathematics Lecturer at MTU and TUI Rep, Shane O’Rourke says different pay will cause a divide among lecturers:

"The danger is, now what we're looking at is where a senior manager in one Technological University is getting paid significantly more than someone in MTU, creating a division, and the danger is this division could be perpetuated in other grades, like caretakers and technicians, and in TUI we can't stay over that."


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