Concerns have been expressed t...


Concerns have been expressed that some small businesses may be forced to close their doors this winter

RedFM News
RedFM News

05:00 11 Oct 2023

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The President of the Cork Business Association Kevin Herlihy says he had hoped that more supports would have been unveiled in yesterday's Budget

He says little to nothing was done for small and medium sized businesses who have already been struggling since the covid pandemic and are facing continued rising costs

Speaking to RedFM News Kevin Herlihy said an increase in the national minimum wage and rising energy prices will add to the pressure on small businesses this winter

"It is a view across the hospitality sector, that certain businesses will have to reduce their opening hours because of wage costs, or certainly close on certain days, perhaps days that are quieter during the week. It could certainly happen in retail as well, we got really nothing on the rising costs that we are having to deal with. In general, we really are taking punches on it from all angles"

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