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Calls on City Council to make Blarney Street safer after a car overturned on the street

RedFM News
RedFM News

09:32 20 Apr 2022

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A local woman who had a lucky escape after a car flipped onto it's roof on Blarney Street in the city says the council must act to make the street safer.

Ciara Rodgers had just left her house on Monday evening when a car struck a parked car and flipped onto it's roof, eventually coming to a rest on the footpath at the other side of the road.

No one was injured in the incident, however Ciara says she would have been standing exactly where the car slid along the footpath if she had left her house just seconds earlier.

The incident has led to calls from residents and business owners for Blarney Street to be made one-way and for traffic calming measures to be installed.

Speaking to RedFM News, Ciara Rodgers says locals often face long delays on the road:

"I think a one way system would probably be the best resolution because there are so many parked cars it's so narrow, you know. There's often like people getting stuck - a lorry got stuck recently  - and, you know, if there's a row of cars coming up, and there's so many cars parked there, there could be 40 cars in a row without anywhere to pull in, so people are often getting stuck up there it's a nightmare traffic wise" 

The owner of City View Wheels on Blarney Street, Patrick Murray told RedFM News that the current traffic arrangements on the street are not working:

"Blarney Street is a lovely street but it's a long, narrow street. It runs parallel with Sunday's Well and  I wonder if you had one of them, taking the traffic out and the other bringing it in, you'd have a loop. Would that be more efficient and safer, you know, than what we have at present?"

RedFM News has contacted the City Council for comment.

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