Consumers returning to restaur...


Consumers returning to restaurants in record numbers

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07:33 3 Nov 2022

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We've been returning to restaurants in record numbers since covid restrictions were lifted.

Figures from Bord Bia’s 2022 Irish Foodservice Market Insights Report show the restaurant sector has grown by 61% to a value of over 8.2 billion euro this year.

It's an almost full recovery to pre-pandemic levels, but it may be shortlived.

77% of us are now concerned about our finances and are changing our eating habits in order to cut costs.

Maureen Gahan is Foodservice Specialist with Board Bia.

"The good news is that we're back to where we are pre-covid.

"Next year we're forecasting modest growth of 11.6%, when I say modest much of that will be driven by continued inflation.

"The actual consumer visits is likely to be flat, it may actually dip."

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