Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

09:56 12 Nov 2020

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Upon entering the Troubadour set, Kieran is almost unrecognisable to the long haired Love Buzz frontman I saw performing the previous year.

Having listened to their newly released EP, I was excited to join ‘the buzzers’ at the Dali and scream along to ‘Disco Junkie 1200’.

Energetic feel good rock needs to be transmitted via the live setting of clubs and pubs.

And in what feels like a lifetime later, the defeat of live gigs has stopped The Love Buzz’s momentum in its tracks.

Now sporting a buzzcut that marks an uncanny resemblance to Trainspotting’s Mark Renton: The Love Buzz are back.

But this time, energetic feel good rock is toned down. Thus providing space for Kieran’s thought provoking lyrics to flourish.

Like a ticking timebomb; the repeated guitar hook throughout ‘Harp’ provides a sense of impending doom.

The lyrics slowly shape from ‘murder in her eyes’ to a cinematic climax ‘dying on the floor, baby are you dead’.

Yet it isn’t all doom and gloom, part of The Love Buzz’s charm is their ability to simuntanuesly remain light-hearted.

Perhaps best of all, staying true to their Cork roots. Kieran keeps ‘a nodge in my back pocket and I want to spend the night with you.’

Hopefully we’ll get to see these guys performing around Cork in the not too distant future.

– Stephen Cool

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