Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

04:02 4 Dec 2020

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Each aspect of Taylor Neaves’ performance puts the listener at ease. The tempo is set at the beginning, and steadily moves along almost as if Taylor is playing to a metronome.

Matched with soft spoken thoughtful lyrics, and an intricate picking pattern that repeats like a reassuring, reaffirming mantra.

‘Not a word was shared as she turned around to leave/and the wind came along and carried her to sea’

Yet, the tone of Taylor’s voice is what caps off the Crosshaven native’s musicianship.

Unforced, smooth and silky; Taylor’s voice is what makes these songs firmly his own.

Be sure to support Taylor by checking out the numerous live streams available on his social media pages as we await the return of live gigs.

-Stephen Cool

Find more local Cork music on the Troubadour Distillery website here.

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