Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

10:53 19 Nov 2020

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Drawing inspiration from Jack Kerouac’s world renowned ‘On The Road’, Kit Barrett’s sonic adaption of the book matches the beat poet’s vivid imagery.

Right from the outset the hook is established. The gentle opening chord progression grabs the attention of the listener before a syllable is sung.

‘While I sit in my boring house, my boring street. I bet all of my money on pool halls and slot machines,’ Kit croons in the second verse.

Just one example of his repeated crafty knack for placing the listener in the singer’s shoes.

It’s difficult to categorise Kit Barrett’s singing voice. Calling it unique feels like too much of a cliche.

It’s simultaneously conventional and unconventional style prompts a headache when trying to write about. And reminds me of the old saying, ‘writing about music is like dancing about architecture’.

What I can say is this combination of gentle coaxing guitar, vivid imagery and heartfelt singing firmly places the listener in broad American lanscape and on the road.

-Stephen Cool

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