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Volunteer Missing Persons Groups Involved In Daily Searches Across Cork Since Before Christmas

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

11:13 3 Jan 2024

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Volunteer missing persons groups have been involved in daily searches across Cork since before Christmas, including on Christmas Day.

Such groups assist the Gardaí and other state bodies with land and water searches and rescues.

The recent spate of stormy bad weather has made conditions even more difficult - as several searches continue in Cork.

Speaking to RedFM News, Search Co-Ordinator of Cork City Missing-Persons Search-and-Recovery, Chris O'Donovan says their members are determined to help the families of missing people:

"I've been out for a meal with my wife and the phone would ring, the meal would be left there - we'd be gone. We understand what people are going through. You couldn't do it without the support of your family. And you spent so much time out of home. All Christmas this year, we've had no Christmas really. We've been over every single year. But we understand that the family that we were trying to help, had a lot worse Christmas than we will ever have. That's what drives people on".

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