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New Validation Process Needed For National Treatment Purchase Fund

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

05:10 15 Jan 2024

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A new validation process is needed for the National Treatment Purchase Fund.

That's according to a GP in Cork where the existing system removed 10,700 people from outpatient waiting lists last year.

The Irish Hospital Consultants Association says last year's modest reduction in national waiting lists would not have happened if not for the ‘validation’ process cancelling 105,000 patients nationwide.

Speaking to RedFM News, Cork City GP, Dr John Sheehan says the validation process removes patients from waiting lists if they fail to reply to a confirmation letter:

"Whatever system is brought in, whether it's a double system where they send the letter out and follow up with a text, because some people will move around, particularly if you're young. Or some other system where patients maybe able to check the list and opt in, because increasing we have a mobile population. We need to have systems that reflect that and their patients aren't disadvantaged".

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