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Professor Of Emergency Medicine: Building Beds At CUH Only Way To Effectively Tackle Hospital's Overcrowding Crisis

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

10:13 2 Feb 2024

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Building beds at Cork University Hospital is the only way to effectively tackle the hospital's overcrowding crisis.

Professor of Emergency Medicine at CUH, Conor Deasy, says urgent investment is needed in acute bed capacity - as the hospital currently relies on support from the South Infirmary Hospital and the private sector

293 people presented at the hospital's ED - the highest recorded number for a single day, ever.

Speaking to RedFM News Conor Deasy says the hospital is full:

"The hospital is at capacity. It's full. At any given time in the emergency department and across the acute floor, there are probably 35 to 48 patients waiting for an inpatient bed. People are being discommoded. Services are being affected by the level of crowding".

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