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Fota Wildlife Park Invites Public To Participate In Naming Baby François' Langur Monkey

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

01:36 27 Dec 2023

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Fota Wildlife Park has announced the birth of a baby François' langur monkey, which they say is a significant milestone for the conservation of this endangered species. Born on the 22nd of November to parents Mei and Shinobi, the youngster with striking orange colouring can now be spotted exploring the outdoors alongside its family in the Asian Sanctuary.

The François' langur monkey is classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The birth is part of the European Endangered Breeding Programme (EEP), with Mei and her younger sister Kaili arriving from Twycross Zoo in the UK in September 2022, followed by Shinobi from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in the UK in December 2022.

Teresa Power, Lead Ranger, expressed hope that the baby's arrival would raise awareness about the critical need for conservation efforts for François' langur. With wild populations dwindling, Fota Wildlife Park, as a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), will participate in the 2024 "Vietnamizing" conservation campaign, drawing attention to threats faced by the species, including habitat loss, hunting, and poaching.

The animal care team at Fota Wildlife Park has worked to integrate the trio of Mei, Kaili, and Shinobi into the breeding group since their arrival in late 2022.

Aunt, Kaili, has assumed the role of babysitter, showcasing "allomothering," where females in the group collectively care for and raise the young. The baby is already emulating adult behaviours, providing amusement to the animal care team, especially during mealtimes.

Over the next few months, the baby's coat is expected to transition from orange to black, a natural development for François' langur monkeys. Native to Southwestern China to northeastern Vietnam, this medium-sized primate is characterized by its sleek black coat and distinctive white sideburns.

Fota Wildlife Park has invited the public to participate in naming the new baby through a form on their blog at, with a chance to win a Conservation Annual Pass.

As a conservation charity, Fota Wildlife Park engages in breeding and reintroduction programmes for various endangered species, to contribute to global conservation efforts.

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