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Streets Should Be Hospitable To Children And Elderly According To Initiative Which Seeks To Bring Communities Outside

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RedFM News

07:14 9 Jun 2022

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Streets should be made hospitable to children and the elderly, according to an initiative which seeks to bring communities outside.

'A Playful Street' says kids are spending more time indoors than ever before.

Traffic, particularly in cities and towns, is deterring kids from spending their days playing on their roads.

Co-creator of A Playful Street, Aaron Copeland, says public places were safer places to have fun when he was younger:

"We're not talking about main roads; we're talking about residential areas where we expect to find children. In fact, what's happening is they're ending up spending more time indoors than prisoners in maximum security prisons, because of fears that parents have, of the speed and volume of traffic".

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