Simon Coveney says relationshi...


Simon Coveney says relationship with British government is in 'uncharted waters'

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RedFM News

02:12 14 Jun 2022

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The Foreign Affairs Minister has said that relations between the British and Irish governments are now in 'uncharted waters'.

Simon Coveney says he has never seen relations like this before, as the row continues over the UK governments unilateral action to unpick parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He says if the action is a negotiating tactic, then it's a pretty bad one as compromise becomes more difficult.

Minister Coveney has described the action taken by the British government as 'reckless':

"We've always managed to work together to find ways forward, to provide stability to help parties in Northern Ireland to bridge their differences and so on. Unfortunately, what we have now is a British government essentially setting aside that approach and commitment to partnership with the Irish government, and so we are in unchartered waters."

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