Over 200 co-working spaces ava...


Over 200 co-working spaces available to use across the country

RedFM News
RedFM News

02:38 9 Jun 2022

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242 co-working spaces are available to use across the country, through the Connected Hubs Network.

Today Minister Heather Humphreys announced vouchers for workers to make three visits to a remote working hub of their choice.

It's part of the government's rural development plan that will see 400 rural hubs delivered over five years.

Clinical Psychologist Malie Coyne says the hubs could be a good mood booster for those that work from home:

"You're amongst other people, it's like working in a library or studying in the library. If you recall back to people who've gone to college or schools, where they're in the company of other people, they're not necessarily talking to them but they're in the company. That can be hugely beneficial to human well being."

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