Minsters to give backing for a...


Minsters to give backing for anti drone technology at Dublin Airport

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RedFM News

08:51 7 Mar 2023

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Ministers are due to give their backing today for the daa to buy and install anti-drone technology for Dublin airport.

Illegal drone use in recent weeks has caused airlines to delay and divert flights, something which has impacted on thousands of passengers.

It will still take time before the equipment is installed and staff trained to use it.

Fine Gael's Transport Spokesperson, Senator Regina Doherty, says there can't be any further delays.

"What we are looking for is no more delays. We've had too many, too many occasions where the airport has been ground.

"We've had threats to national security highlighted to us, that means we should be acting and we should be acting as an emergency, and much much faster than we have been."

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