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DAA to have anti-drone technology 'within weeks'

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12:22 14 Mar 2023

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The DAA says anti-drone technology will be in operation in a matter of weeks, but has failed to provide an exact date.

It comes as Dublin Airport expects to see 450,000 people travel through its terminals this week.

A number of flights have been delayed and cancelled since the turn of the year because of illegal drone activity in the airfield.

DAA chief executive, Kenny Jacobs, says airlines like Ryanair, which has been vocal in its calls for disruption to end, are entitled to be upset.

"Ryanair will always be vocal and that's a matter for them.

"I think the government has shown great leadership in terms of moving on this at pace.

"Every airline, everybody on the campus - nobody wants disruption.

"The airspace being closed because of a drone is something that every airline gets upset about, and they're right to, and it's something we get upset about.

"I'm happy that we're all moving in the right direction and we'll have the technology in place in a matter of weeks."

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