Ireland's Gen Zs and millennia...


Ireland's Gen Zs and millennials are anxious or stressed almost all of the time


12:29 30 May 2024

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Gen Zs and millennials in Ireland are anxious or stressed almost all of the time.

Research from Deloitte shows they worry about their finances, mental health and the work-life balance.

However they have high ethical standards and will stick to their principals over issues like human rights and the environment.

Deloitte Ireland's Gary Notley, says they're willing to stand over their beliefs:

"What we do see with this generation is that they have a really strong sense of purpose, they really want to be happy in the work that they're doing, strong work life balance. They want to be engaged in the work that they're doing, and that that work aligns to their beliefs, we see high percentages of Gen Z's declining projects or not accepting jobs with, with organizations if they don't align with their beliefs".

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