Housing Minister says new laws...


Housing Minister says new laws will help more people to buy

Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

10:14 21 Jan 2021

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The Housing Minister believes proposed new housing laws will allow more people buy their own home.

The Affordable Housing Bill aims to allow people buy a house at an affordable price.

There are also provisions for affordable rent, which will see 400 cost rental homes delivered this year.

Darragh O’Brien says the bill will also help people who want to buy, but are stuck renting. 

"This will work - I'm more than confident of that.

"We're not changing any macro prudential rules at all - it's very prudent.

"There are people paying €2,000 a month in rent who can't get a mortgage - if they were able to get a mortgage the mortgage payment would be just over €1,000 - this will actually help that."

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