Holidaymakers urged to know th...


Holidaymakers urged to know their rights before booking

Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

09:33 25 May 2021

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Consumers are being warned to know their rights before booking a holiday at home or abroad this year.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says 7 in 10 are planning a getaway in 2021.

It says 40% of holidaymakers were forced to cancel last year due to the pandemic, with a quarter of those losing money as a result.

On Friday, the government will announce plans for the easing of restrictions around travel.

Spokesperson for the CCPC, Grainne Griffin, has this advice for people thinking about a holiday this year.

"If you book your accommodation and your flights together with the one company, that's known as a package holiday and it gives you much stronger rights, particularly when it comes to your right to information and your right to cancel if something goes wrong.

"It is something to be aware of. You do need to be aware of what laws apply, and you do need to check the cancellation policy to find out what will happen if something goes wrong."

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