Over 50% of Irish holidaymaker...


Over 50% of Irish holidaymakers take teabags abroad

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09:28 8 Jul 2022

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27% of Irish people have admitted to eating more than twice the amount of food they normally would while on holiday.

That's according to a study carried out by Yakult, which researched people's eating habits while on holiday.

47% said they tuck into foods that they would usually avoid, and a third of respondents said that they're usual diet goes out the window.

As a result, nine in ten people said they have felt unwell on holidays due to overeating.

With plenty of picky eaters going abroad this summer, the survey found that 29% of holidaymakers worry that they won't find a food that they like.

Unsurprisingly, over half of Irish people take teabags on holidays, in addition to 23% packing chocolate in their luggage.

In contrast to this, 46% are willing to sample local delicacies while away.

To help everyone look after their gut health while on holiday, dietitian Dr Mary McCreery has identified some of the simple habits we can adopt while away:

“Holidays are a time for fun and enjoying food is a big part of many people’s holidays. So, it’s sad to see that so many people have experienced gut health issues while away, simply because of the food they are eating. The good news is there are many simple measures we can follow, which may help benefit our gut health and reduce these issues”.

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