Garda Commissioner will be ask...


Garda Commissioner will be asked to outline what progress has been made on the cancellation of 999 calls later today

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RedFM News

10:06 24 Feb 2022

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Drew Harris will give members an update, following the revelation last summer that thousands were dropped, some of which involved victims of domestic violence.

A former Scottish chief constable's investigating the controversy, and his report's due shortly.

Sinn Fein Justice spokesperson, Martin Kenny, says the Commissioner has work to do to regain people's trust:

"I feel he could have handled it better in the beginning. I think certainly police and authority found that they were being given a bit of a runaround and it's as good as said that and that they needed to get more pressure all the time on to the guards authorities for them to do the right thing. And I hope at this stage that we've moved into into a better place with it, but the commissioner has a bit of catching up to do here to regain people's trust around this particular issue."

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