Former DUP leader urges Britis...


Former DUP leader urges British government to end NI political controversy

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RedFM News

11:07 1 Nov 2022

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A former DUP deputy leader is urging the British government to end the current political limbo in the North.

The Northern Ireland Secretary, Chris Heaton-Harris, is yet to call an election in response to the failure to restore power-sharing despite repeatedly threatening to do so.

He'll meet party leaders in Belfast again today for talks to discuss the "next steps" and Stormont politicians' pay.

Nigel Dodds says Chris Heaton-Harris needs to be more decisive:

"We don't seek an election. We don't think an election will do any good. We secondly be polarizing and divisive. Doesn't forward the case for finding the solutions that need to be found. Whatever happens, so be it but I would say to the Secretary of State, whatever he has to say, Get on with it and announce it and stop the current Limbo situation."

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