DUP won't support election of...


DUP won't support election of Stormont Speaker

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08:40 13 May 2022

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The leader of the DUP has confirmed his party WON'T support the election of a Stormont speaker - when the Assembly meets later for the first time since the election.

The party also won't be nominating a Deputy First Minister - until the UK Government acts on the Northern Ireland protocol.

Westminster's thought to be on the cusp of doing that - with an announcement expected any day now.

The DUP's move will mean neither the Executive or Assembly will be able to function properly.

Jeffrey Donaldson reckons his strategy - which has been strongly criticised by Sinn Fein and other Stormont parties - will pay off.

"This is a matter for the UK Government to deal with.

"I made my position clear last September, what we would do to ensure that the Government did act, and hopefully now we are going to see that action being taken.

"But let's be clear - that action would never have been taken by a 'head in the sand' approach - pretending there isn't a problem."

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