Employers urged to adopt cauti...


Employers urged to adopt cautious return to workplace

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RedFM Sport

07:16 31 Jan 2022

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Employers are being urged to adopt a cautious approach to the return to the workplace under new government advice published today.

The latest guidance for businesses recommends a gradual process, consultation with unions and supports for nervous staff.

It's also urging companies to continue to have infection prevention controls in place.

Meanwhile there are calls for workers to be given stronger rights around flexible and remote working.

Labour Senator and workers rights spokesperson, Marie Sherlock, says giving workers the right to request to work remotely isn't enough.

"We're not talking about a blanket right to remote working, all the time.

"What is best for most workplaces is a hybrid situation.

"Ultimately it needs to be negotiated between employer and employee, and crucially there needs to be strong legislation underpinning this which ensures that workers have a right wherever possible to be able to work flexibly both in terms of hours and their place of work."

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