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Agriculture Minister urging farmers to grow as much silage as possible over the coming months to prevent fodder crisis later this year

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05:57 3 May 2022

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Charlie McConalogue has been updating his cabinet colleagues on a scheme to incentivise farmers.

It would see livestock farmers get 100 euro per hectare for sowing fodder - and it would apply for up to 10 hectares.

Minister McConalogue says it's essential due to the Ukraine war:

"My key message to the farming community and agri-food sector is the absolute importance- given that we're in a wartime situation in Europe, on European soil- over the next number of weeks and months to grow grass, something we're tremendously good at at national level and in Ireland, but it's absolutely essential to our livestock model. We must make really good use of the next number of weeks to make sure that we have sufficient fodder and hay saved for next winter and next spring so we will see our way through it."

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