Cork set to become home of Ror...


Cork set to become home of Rory Gallagher Music Festival

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01:39 27 Oct 2021

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Rory Gallagher, the much-loved legendary Rockstar, is going to have a brand new festival hosted in his honour. 

The annual music festival was announced on Twitter, by Cork City Councillor Shane O’Callaghan where he said: 

It is hoped the festival will bring not only provide fun and a space for the people of Cork to share their love of music, but also bring tourism into the county. 

The artist was born in Donegal, and the county also celebrates his life and legacy with the Rory Gallagher International Music Festival. 

However, Mr. Gallagher was raised in Cork and the rebel county is where he started his musical career. 

Attached to Shane O’Callaghan’s tweet is a picture of his proposal and the given response which reads: 

Rory Gallagher Music Festival 

“That Cork City Council would work with the local hospitality sector to establish and fund an annual ‘Rory Gallagher Music Festival’ in Cork. Such a festival would assist the local hospitality sector by attracting music enthusiasts to Cork on a specific weekend every year and would recognise Rory Gallagher’s enormous contribution to Cork music.” 


“The Arts Office will be happy to work with any group or organisation who wishes to develop an arts-based festival around Rory Gallagher Music.” 

“The SED directorate will engage with businesses in the Huguenot Quarter to explore the possibility of holding a Rory Gallagher Music event in Rory Gallagher Place.” 


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